Introducing PIXEL Adventure 2

We talked on Twitter about this, with a new project known as Project 3D: PIXEL Adventure. It’s the 5th anniversary of the game and we want to make something special. No, the game is not already available, we’re sorry. Instead, a demo, called PIXEL Adventure 2 – Prologue, is already available on GameJolt. The demo will be soon available on Microsoft Store, alongside with a trailer that we promised on Twitter. On this news article we’re going to introduce the features that we’re planning for this game.

All in 3D now

The game used 3D models for everything now, and the complete game will have also better models and scenario!

Story mode

The complete game will feature a complete story mode, that starts with PIXEL Adventure 2 – Prologue Demo, including the original 10 levels with a story. We’re currently writing the story and we’ve nothing to show, but we’ll publish a trailer as soon as we’ve something to show to you. The demo, currently, doesn’t have the story parts, but we’ll update as soon as we’re ready

Xbox One version

As we said, we’released a demo here. We wanted to release on Xbox One but we had some issued and we’ll publish this version as soon as possibile. For this reason, we don’t feel like dropping to you a trailer, as the gameplay is recorded from an Xbox One S. We’re sorry for this and we’re going to fix al the problems asap.

The game doesn’t currently have a release date and we need to push back the initially said “2019”

Autore: Nameless Studio

We’re are a Indie Game Development and Publisher. We are located in Italy, Umbria. We’re approved developers on this platforms: Google Play Store, GameJolt Marketplace, Microsoft Store. Contact us and send your game idea, we will check it out and, if we approve it we can release it on one of that platforms

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