Chaincards Available, Update 1.0.3, Android Version Available

We grouped the latest three news into a single blog article.

Chaincards Available!

The game is now available for everyone

Update 1.0.3 released

Here a new bug fix update for you!. Here’s the changelog:

  • Made Lore text bigger.
  • Fixed a bug where enemy shield is not displayed.
  • Fixed a bug where the song is not stoppedd when Game Over screen show’s up.
  • Fixed some text errors (CRATED FOR LUDUM DARE 46 -> CREATED FOR LUDUM DARE 46 (Credits), dungoun-> dungeon (How to play)).
  • Fixed a bug where Ice Ace damage was set to 0 instead of 450.
  • Fixed a bug where, when your PC it’s not powerful enough to reproduce the cutscene, a Unity default screen is shown. Now it shows a black screen instead.
  • Fixed Cinematics volume is not shown in Options menu.
  • Fixed some UI errors for non-16:9 displays.
  • Optimization fixes.

Android version now avalable on Google Play

We released the Android version right now here:

Autore: Nameless Studio

We’re are a Indie Game Development and Publisher. We are located in Italy, Umbria. We’re approved developers on this platforms: Google Play Store, GameJolt Marketplace, Microsoft Store. Contact us and send your game idea, we will check it out and, if we approve it we can release it on one of that platforms

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