Take a Closer Look to Void’s Ballad

Void’s Ballad, the reboot of Suicidal Boyfriend, a game we made for the Ludum Dare 47, is an experience: live, see and feel through Phoebe’s eyes a whole new reality made of shadows and fear.


The first chapter of Void’s Ballad will be released on Nintendo Switch via Nintendo eShop and PC Windows via Steam on 3rd September 2021. We are working so hard to make it released this year, but we’re confident enough about our abilities!

We also want to include a bunch of behind the scences, concept arts and much more! Hope you will enjoy all the additional content we are going to include!


Joey, your love, just had a terrible accident.. or was it an accident? Well you need to find out what happened and discover more and more about his past and about yourself.

While waiting to find out if Joey will ever wake up, you’ll have to investigate the deepest of your emotions, of your own fears, starting from your house. Search everything you can to discover all the thing you both kept a secret to eachother.

Seven days, it will take seven full days that will feel as you have never truly ever known yourself. What have you become? Who are you? And what are you willing to do to save the person you love the most?

Everything is in your hands, and you are the only one who can make the difference… Choose whisely.


Since you woke up, a weird night, you started seeing weird things, and soon you have not been able to part reality and those shadows. Additionally, a stranger who signs themselvs as “The Truth” wrote to you often on your phone, helping you when in need, but also creeping you out, knowing way too much about you.

You are not safe anymore, you are not alone anymore.

Your phone, it acted stranger and stranger lately, new apps appeared and through your camera you have been able to see things you can’t explain.

What is happening? How can you save Joey if you can’t even be sure to be safe yourself?

You will find all this answers just by living this nightmare.

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Announcing The Curse of the Pumpkin Lord

The Curse of the Pumpkin Lord is our latest game, a tabletop game where you have to control Dullahan, the Headless Knight, to search after his head.

The game is available now for Android and you can download it here!

The game is still WIP and we’re going to update it constantly. But for now, here’s some screenshots:

Chaincards News 09/29/2020

Hi guys!

We wanted to share some news about the Chaincards series!

Chaincards: Legacy version update: 1.4

A new version of Chaincards: Legacy is now available for everyone on Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android! Here’s the changelog!

  • Changed app icon
  • Stability and optimization fixes

Chaincards: Legacy is now done!

The version 1.4 is a sort of LTS, cause we are going to put the development of Legacy on hold. We want to focus on the main Chaincards game. No new content will be released on this game, just occasional bug fixes. We can’t wait to let you play the complete version of the game.

Chaincards: Legacy – Update 1.3.1

We found some bugs in Chaincards, so, here’s a little changelog!


  • You can no longer used locked skins by pressing back button
  • Fixed game wrong color correction in Play mode

Chaincards: Legacy is now available for free on GameJolt, Itch.io, Kartridge and Google Play Store!

NOTE: You won’t be able to play the event with the old version, so please update your client

News on Chaincards!

Summer Beach Update is available now!

The summer event is now released and you can check out here the changelog.

All the info about the event can be found clicking on the banner in the game.

Patreon Page

We don’t have many funds for our games, so if you want to help, you can subscribe to our Patreon page, available here!

You can access every month to stickers, backstages, early access builds and, just for the first two months, an exclusive wallpaper!

Chaincards is now officially in development

As you can imagine, the Ludum Dare version of the game, that we will rebrand Chaincards: Legacy from now on, was just a prototype. The complete version of the game will be a turn based RPG with the same combat system as the Legacy version, with some modifications to reflect the RPG nature of the game. We have nothing to show today, but stay tuned on our social networks

Chaincards – Update v1.2.0 – Post-Jam Update Part II – is available right now!

We’re releasing today on PC Windows, MacOS, Linux and Android a new update for Chaincards. Here’s the changelog.


  • Added Bakemono Mori logo in splash screen and main menu
  • Added Compendium in Main Menu
  • Added new boss: Gradakh
  • Added new enemy: Succubus
  • Added new game mode: Boss Rush
  • (PC Only) Added the selection of fullscreen type
  • Changed Demon Naga token
  • Changed Cthulhu Servant token
  • (PC Only) Fixed resolution and full screen in Settings
  • Fixed Audio options UI

You can download Chaincards on GameJolt, Itch.io, Kartridge and Google Play Store right now!

Update 1.1.0 – Post-Jam Update – is now available!

  • Player health is now displayed also as a text
  • A fade effect is now displayed when game’ scene is loaded.
  • Added pause menu
  • You can now use an XInput controller to play the game
  • You can now skip cinematic with mouse click, controller B button and touching the screen (only on mobile)
  • A new enemy has been added (health bar token is temporary)
  • Reworked Demon Naga graphics (health bar token is temporary)
  • Popup damage has been added
  • Now you can play the card and wait the TB bar to be played (old option can be still activated in options)
  • New graphics addition to the dungeon
  • Changed sprite render shader (added HDR colors)
  • Added depth of field
  • Added reflection probe to improve reflections (can change resolution in settings)
  • Changed illumination (now light object cast lights)
  • Bug Fixes
  • Stability and optimization fixes


Chaincards Available, Update 1.0.3, Android Version Available

We grouped the latest three news into a single blog article.

Chaincards Available!

The game is now available for everyone

Update 1.0.3 released

Here a new bug fix update for you!. Here’s the changelog:

  • Made Lore text bigger.
  • Fixed a bug where enemy shield is not displayed.
  • Fixed a bug where the song is not stoppedd when Game Over screen show’s up.
  • Fixed some text errors (CRATED FOR LUDUM DARE 46 -> CREATED FOR LUDUM DARE 46 (Credits), dungoun-> dungeon (How to play)).
  • Fixed a bug where Ice Ace damage was set to 0 instead of 450.
  • Fixed a bug where, when your PC it’s not powerful enough to reproduce the cutscene, a Unity default screen is shown. Now it shows a black screen instead.
  • Fixed Cinematics volume is not shown in Options menu.
  • Fixed some UI errors for non-16:9 displays.
  • Optimization fixes.

Android version now avalable on Google Play

We released the Android version right now here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.NamelessStudio.Chaincards

Introducing PIXEL Adventure 2

We talked on Twitter about this, with a new project known as Project 3D: PIXEL Adventure. It’s the 5th anniversary of the game and we want to make something special. No, the game is not already available, we’re sorry. Instead, a demo, called PIXEL Adventure 2 – Prologue, is already available on GameJolt. The demo will be soon available on Microsoft Store, alongside with a trailer that we promised on Twitter. On this news article we’re going to introduce the features that we’re planning for this game.

All in 3D now

The game used 3D models for everything now, and the complete game will have also better models and scenario!

Story mode

The complete game will feature a complete story mode, that starts with PIXEL Adventure 2 – Prologue Demo, including the original 10 levels with a story. We’re currently writing the story and we’ve nothing to show, but we’ll publish a trailer as soon as we’ve something to show to you. The demo, currently, doesn’t have the story parts, but we’ll update as soon as we’re ready

Xbox One version

As we said, we’released a demo here. We wanted to release on Xbox One but we had some issued and we’ll publish this version as soon as possibile. For this reason, we don’t feel like dropping to you a trailer, as the gameplay is recorded from an Xbox One S. We’re sorry for this and we’re going to fix al the problems asap.

The game doesn’t currently have a release date and we need to push back the initially said “2019”