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Void’s Ballad, the reboot of Suicidal Boyfriend, a game we made for the Ludum Dare 47, is an experience: live, see and feel through Phoebe’s eyes a whole new reality made of shadows and fear.


The first chapter of Void’s Ballad will be released on Nintendo Switch via Nintendo eShop and PC Windows via Steam on 3rd September 2021. We are working so hard to make it released this year, but we’re confident enough about our abilities!

We also want to include a bunch of behind the scences, concept arts and much more! Hope you will enjoy all the additional content we are going to include!


Joey, your love, just had a terrible accident.. or was it an accident? Well you need to find out what happened and discover more and more about his past and about yourself.

While waiting to find out if Joey will ever wake up, you’ll have to investigate the deepest of your emotions, of your own fears, starting from your house. Search everything you can to discover all the thing you both kept a secret to eachother.

Seven days, it will take seven full days that will feel as you have never truly ever known yourself. What have you become? Who are you? And what are you willing to do to save the person you love the most?

Everything is in your hands, and you are the only one who can make the difference… Choose whisely.


Since you woke up, a weird night, you started seeing weird things, and soon you have not been able to part reality and those shadows. Additionally, a stranger who signs themselvs as “The Truth” wrote to you often on your phone, helping you when in need, but also creeping you out, knowing way too much about you.

You are not safe anymore, you are not alone anymore.

Your phone, it acted stranger and stranger lately, new apps appeared and through your camera you have been able to see things you can’t explain.

What is happening? How can you save Joey if you can’t even be sure to be safe yourself?

You will find all this answers just by living this nightmare.

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Autore: Nameless Studio

We’re are a Indie Game Development and Publisher. We are located in Italy, Umbria. We’re approved developers on this platforms: Google Play Store, GameJolt Marketplace, Microsoft Store. Contact us and send your game idea, we will check it out and, if we approve it we can release it on one of that platforms

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